Quality psychotherapy requires a therapist with heightened intuition.  One who is able to quickly identify the issues with which you are struggling and then work with you to construct a comprehensive plan of action that leads you to a successful and satisfying outcome within a relatively short time frame.  It is vital that you find a therapist whose demeanour sets you at ease, one who is competent, genuine and compassionate and who understands the issues that you are facing.  In addition, it is highly beneficial to seek out a therapist who takes a holistic approach to your well-being.  One who considers your physical, mental, spiritual as well as your emotional states of being and easily adjusts their approach to read and serve your individual needs.

So many of the issues we face are deeply interwoven with events from the past and stored at such a deep level in the mind that often it can be difficult for people to identify the specific underlying cause of the problem or distress they are experiencing.  This can lead to feelings of frustration, powerlessness, hopelessness and despair.  At Harmony Hypnosis, we use processes which are aimed at helping you to understand your emotions, become more self-aware and recognise the meaning of your symptoms.  The techniques we use help you to identify the certain thinking patterns and beliefs which are causing your patterns of behaviour or bad habits.  The techniques we use empower you with the problem-solving skills and resources necessary to feel more confident, in control and motivated and which help you to create more flexible solutions to problems in stressful situations.

An effective healer and therapist sees that both problems and their potential solutions reside within the person.  We at Harmony Hypnosis endeavor to guide individuals toward tapping into those inner resources and answers from within rather than imposing solutions from without.  We assist individuals to develop their self-awareness, helping them to access those self-healing aspects of themselves that reside within their own subconscious.  When a person understands how their attitudes, choices and actions affect the outcome of their life and their present condition, they can begin to have more control over their lives.  They will be able to see how and where they can make changes in their life that will lead to positive growth.  For growth to occur, there needs to come the commitment to facing our fears and releasing any self-defeating beliefs and patterns of behavior so that we can be open to new and improved ways of thinking and responding.

The therapies that we use at Harmony Hypnosis help individuals experience positive insights which lead to an understanding of the underlying issues in a new and enlightening way.  The techniques we use enable individuals to create and experience positive changes in their life often spontaneously.

At Harmony Hypnosis, we take pride in not only providing perceptive and effective therapy, but also in educating and empowering clients to help them become more self-aware – that is, to understand their whole self and the way they think and perceive the world around them.  In doing so, we help people to find more creative and practical ways to change self-defeating beliefs and behaviours and solve problems, ultimately leading to the maintenance of their own health and well-being.  Who was it that said knowledge is power?.

At Harmony Hypnosis, we help you to connect with your inner strength, wisdom and courage to help you rediscover those inherent and innate positive qualities within you to help you find the solution to the issues you are struggling with.  At Harmony Hypnosis, we use our creativity and every resource at our disposal to help you to help yourself, to create the best quality of life you can imagine.

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